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Tough Interview Question

Somebody came more prepared than others...This is a very hard interview question, apparently asked during a number of Google and Amazon interviews. In my personal experience, I have asked this question to a number of people. Similar to me, only after providing a second hint to the question, have they been able to solve it.

How many hints do you need to solve this question? (add it to the comments)


Hint 1
Neither Mathematics nor any numbers are applicable in this riddle
Hint 2
Think of the alphabet.
Hint 3







The answer is SSSS.

The sequence presented is A, B, C, D, …

The “S” presents a straight line. “C” presents a curved line.

Since A has three “S”traight lines, it is represented by three S.

B has two “C”urved lines and one “S”traight line, therefore, SCC.

E, the next letter after D, is presented by 4 “S”traight lines.



Stating the obvious here, but I enjoy riddles & puzzles. Anyone else also struggling with seemingly simple 5th grade math problems?

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