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Crossing the River – Two Solutions

This riddle is somewhat of a classic & there are many variations to this puzzle.  (Variations where animals and choice of food are generally different between the puzzles).

Here is one such puzzle:

“You go to the market and purchase a wolf, a goose, and some cabbage. On your way home, you come to the bank of a river and rent a small boat. The boat can only carry yourself and a single one of your purchases – the wolf, the goose, or the cabbage. You cannot leave the wolf and the goose together, as the wolf will eat the goose. Likewise, if left alone with the cabbage, the goose would it. How do you bring across all of your purchases to the other side of the riddle.”

Funny Solution
Actual Solution
  • Take the goose across, come back empty.
  • Take the cabbage across, bring the goose back.
  • Leave the goose on the bank, take the wolf across, come back empty.
  • Take the goose across.





Stating the obvious here, but I enjoy riddles & puzzles. Anyone else also struggling with seemingly simple 5th grade math problems?

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