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4 Crazy Number Puzzles

In this post, you will be given four different number puzzles. They range from medium difficulty all the way to impossible. Admittedly, the last puzzle shown does not have a solution. Or rather, I do not know the solution to the puzzle. This is despite me having seen the solution in the past & I will provide you with what I remember in the hints section. IF you solve it, please provide the answer in the comments section.

Back to the challenge. You will have to find the missing operands to make each of the equations true.

Below is a simple example of such a question & the relevant answer.


Question 1 (easy):


Question 2 (medium difficulty):


Question 3 (difficult):


Question 4 (unsolvable):




I will only provide a hint for question 3, as I do think you will be able to solve question 1 and 2 given enough time.

For question 3, Factorials (see wikipedia) will help!


And herewith the answers. There may be multiple answers to the questions. I present an answer, which may not always be the most elegant solution.

Answer 1


For those who do not have a calculator close by ;),

1. 9 times 8 = 72

2. 9 – 6 = 3

3. 72 divided by 3  = 24


Answer 2
This is certainly a more difficult one.



Answer 3

This is one solution. I am sure there are more elegant ones out there. Feel free to post these in the comments section.



Answer 4
As mentioned, I cannot find the solution for this one. All I seem to remember is, that the answer contained factorials and square roots (I think). If by any chance you get the answer, please post it in the comments.



Stating the obvious here, but I enjoy riddles & puzzles. Anyone else also struggling with seemingly simple 5th grade math problems?

Comments to 4 Crazy Number Puzzles

  • Connor Heelis

    Question 2 has another answer: 1+(3/3)+6=8

    • Mark at

      Great answer, Connor! Love the simplicity of this one!

  • Veb Star

    Here is the answer to the last question (got it after ‘6’ attempts!)

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