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Welcome to MindPuzzle.Me. I’m Mark & I created this site to share some of my favourite puzzles and brain teasers. Some of these have been around for ages (and I will try and give credit to the original source wherever I can. If you see any post where I do not give credit to the right person, please email me). I also try and create some puzzles myself (such as ‘Planet of Animals‘)

That’s me

Some tags I use, ‘Impossible‘. These are puzzles I have tested on family, friends and in some cases the general public through online forums such as StackExchange or our Facebook Page, which hardly anyone was able to solve. Warning! These puzzles will often make you feel frustrated and stupid. Don’t worry, hardly anyone solves these.

Get in contact. You can get in contact me with me via our Facebook Page, Twitter or directly via Email. Share anything you like.

Free Ebook. In an attempt to lure you to sign up to our newsletter, I created a free Ebook which you will receive when you sign up. Promise never to spam you! Instead I will be sending you updates on new puzzles and there will be some special features exclusive to members-only.


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